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Digital recruitment vs. traditional recruitment


In today’s IT recruitment, being open to digitalisation, a willingness to learn and innovative thinking are important. Improving the quality of the hiring process has become a priority for recruiters.

In some situations, traditional recruitment still offers many advantages. It is proving to be successful in identifying specialists where digital channels are not delivering the expected results. However, most IT companies approach hybrid recruitment. Such a technique involves mixing online interactions with physical in-office interviews. The process is not complex, but it streamlines the process of selecting the most competent people.

Advantages of Using Online Recruitment

Compared to traditional recruitment, digital recruitment offers many benefits:

  • Fast process – With digital platforms, the recruitment process is no longer hampered by bureaucratic issues. The CV screening stage will run efficiently. The limited time of HR people will no longer be a problem.
  • Saves time – by using digital tools, companies can screen potential candidates faster compared to manual screening. In addition, if the ad is posted on certain professional recruitment platforms, companies can create a solid database of talented candidates. When hiring in large volumes, digital recruitment offers the most advantages, especially when it comes to the IT industry.
  • Transparent process – Subjectivity is the main impediment to achieving the desired recruitment results. Digital platforms use intelligent algorithms and mechanisms that are not guided by emotion or preference. The selection of potential candidates will be much safer.
  • Talented people – by using digital recruitment tools, companies can get an impressive number of qualified people. Generation Y’s entry into the job market requires a new approach to the hiring process from recruiters. Recruitment methods and offers need to be adapted to the new requirements of young people.

Traditional recruitment – Does it offer advantages in the new era of digitalisation?

In traditional recruitment, the search for talented people is a manual process carried out by the HR department. Methods used include internal promotion or employee referrals. Also, offline methods are used to advertise job opportunities followed by CV collection.

In the past, traditional methods have proven effective in recruiting talented people. But today this is no longer the case. It is true, in some stages of recruitment traditional methods are still used because they are more objective and reliable. But in the IT industry, hybrid recruitment is the one that delivers the best results. As an employer, the hybrid model will allow you to conduct several interviews simultaneously. This way, you will be able to reach the perfect candidate in a relatively short time.

Essentially, traditional recruitment does not align with the new requirements of today’s generation and does not provide companies with the expected results in a short period of time.

In addition, most companies collaborate with an it recruitment company because it offers the security of getting the best people for the team. Even recruitment agencies approach hybrid recruitment because it opens up new perspectives in terms of improving the quality of the hiring process.

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