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Five Accounting Tips for Every Small Business Owner


As a small business owner, it is essential to keep all the financial records to achieve growth and success. The accounting services for small businesses help in streamlining the bookkeeping process.

In this article, we are going to outline important accounting tips that play a major role in keeping your business afloat Evolved, LLC and aid in taking your company to the next level. Some of the tips include the following:

1. Keeping track of the business’s expenses

One of the major aspects of promoting the growth and success of your business is by tracking all your business expenses. This enables one to stay on budget and understand where their money is going. We have several ways you can use to track your expenses mainly using a software program, spreadsheets, or tabling in a simple notebook. For accurate records, update your records on a regular basis.

Additionally, track the fixed expenses which are those that usually remain the same every month such as insurance or rent as well as the variable expenses which fluctuate from time to time which are advertising or supplies. This enables business owners to get a clear picture of the trajectory the business is taking as time progresses.

2. Making a monthly profit and loss statement

Creating a monthly profit and loss statement aids in keeping track of one’s business financial records. This gives a track record of how much revenue is coming into the business and how much expense a business owner is incurring.

Keeping track of the financial records helps to master the trends which in return aids in making informed decisions towards the growth of the business. Making a monthly profit and loss statement ensures the prolonged success of the business.

3. Tracking inventory and sales

Installing a good system to track all the sales and inventory. A competent accounting system makes it easy to track your inventory and sales. The system is important in checking the remaining stock in the store or online shop.

Without tracking the inventory and sales, one could end up ordering excess inventory and ordering fewer purchases. This helps in saving time and money hence boosting the growth of the business.

4. Allocating yourself a salary

When the business owner pays themselves a salary, it means they are accounting for their own income and not only the business. Hiring an accountant can help in setting up a payroll with a weekly paycheck. Accountants also understand the tax implications involved in allocating yourself a salary.

Paying yourself aids in ensuring that you are paid what you deserve and your business is on track as well.

5. Setting up the correct profit margins

One of the most crucial things you are needed to do is ensure that you’re setting up the correct profit margins by charging the products or services that you selling at a cost that covers all expenses and generates a profit.

Setting up a profit margins can prove to be a daunting task for most business owners, but with the help of a financial accountant, it is easy to maneuver.


Understanding the fundamentals of accounting can assist you as a small business owner make wise financial decisions that will support the expansion and success of your enterprise. You can make sure that you are tracking your spending, turning a profit, and positioning yourself for financial success by heeding the advice given above.

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