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How An Independent New York Insurance Agency Can Benefit You


Turn on the TV or radio, and you’ve likely heard a variety of national insurance company ads claiming to be the best insurance company for your home or business. The advertising strategy is quite effective and can help establish and build trust. The advertisements suggest that doing business with their company is the best decision for you.

However, these companies are simply captive companies where the agencies and agents sell and service the company’s products and cannot offer other companies’ vehicles, business or home insurance products.

Many good insurance companies are notable with their long histories and branding messages. It’s enough to convince prospective customers that they are right for your company. However, this isn’t always the case regarding your requirements for insurance in New York.

More Choices 

With the help of an independent NY insurance agency, you have more choices in insurance companies than you would be going it alone. How is that? These agencies can tap into the various markets, doing the shopping for you based on your needs and requirements. They can also help reduce your premiums and ensure better coverage.


Another reason to choose an independent agency is the flexibility they have to offer. It’s not uncommon for insurance companies to start with low insurance premiums, only to increase the rates as time goes on. If you work with one company, you only have their product, and there’s not much to choose from. With an independent agent, they can shop around to find you the best coverage. If your rates increase, they can find you another company to work with.

Underwriting For Large and Small Companies 

Independent agencies can underwrite for both large and small NY insurance companies. With small companies, they understand the area’s market and give you a reasonable rate. These rates often translate to huge savings and original coverage options that well-known companies don’t have to offer.

With an independent insurance agency at your side, you have an array of choices that will meet your requirements and budget. Why would you want to work with one company when the independent agency offers so many options? There are many benefits to using a New York independent agency:

  • Access to more than one market, leading to increased options with great coverage and low prices
  • Impartial advice
  • Qualified employees with the experience to explain the different options and coverages
  • No reason to shop multiple companies for quotes on your home, car or business insurance
  • Offers coverage centered on your particular needs
  • Can make changes to your carrier if you notice an increase in premiums

Better able to establish long-term customer relationships, leading to better coverage and more education

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