Wholesale Order Management System

Overhaul Your Wholesale Order Management System and Inventory Management With Software


Inventory and order management are crucial aspects of a business. They allow businesses to have the required bookkeeping to proceed efficiently. The framework for these managements is reorganized with software like QuickBooks.

A person willing to repurpose the business’s operational paradigm must choose this software. It enables you to withstand the challenges and sustain in an ever-changing and growing market. Moreover, you can manage multiple sales channels and complex supply chains with higher accuracy and efficacy. It removes pressing challenges and delivers a meaningful customer experience. In this blog, we will illuminate the significance of inventory and order management software for smooth business functionality.

What is Order and Inventory Management Software?

The following are features that equip order management and inventory management software with needed responsiveness and usability:-

  • It enables businesses to manage and keep track of bulk orders.
  • Operating multiple sales channels to get higher order frequency.
  • Order synchronization with the wholesale inventory.
  • You can diversify your stock appropriately and have the required accuracy and visibility to make informed decisions.
  • With effective stock tracking across multiple warehouses and distribution centres, businesses receive a better stock management framework.
  • Tools that add aid to business management.

Differences in Retail and Wholesale Management

In terms of order management, wholesale requires additional effort from businesses to cater to high-volume orders. Wholesale’s B2B model is the underlying cause for its difference from the retail business model. Manufacturers need to integrate with B2B channels to find a relevant client base for their business.

Since the requirement for the wholesale business models exceeds the retail, there is a need to manage a high-volume inventory. It is imperative that businesses make a sensible forecast to avoid overstocking.

The software enables businesses to maintain appropriate stock volume to maintain enough supply for the demands in the market.

How is Order Management and Inventory Management Related?

The relationship between stock and inventory management is deeply intertwined. Assimilation of both enables businesses to achieve optimal efficiency and productivity. Since the B2B model thrives on demand and supply chain, the inventory is managed per the order volumes.

Efficient inventory management enables businesses to have a seamless operational paradigm. It occurs due to a streamlined information flow that automates the process. Bearing order frequency in mind, businesses remain protected from overstocking and understocking. Improved order fulfilment and productivity to increase profitability and enhance the consumer experience.

Simplify the Management Process With an OMS and IMS

The following are the benefits of having OMS and IMS:-

  • Visibility and Control: Integrated OMS and IMS provide accurate inventory details across locations, enabling businesses to make informed decisions. A centralized data management system facilitates a single secure repository for inventory information. Improved traceability reduces latency and makes time more business-oriented and productive. Moreover, the chances for manual errors are removed using the same.
  • More Efficient Planning and Purchase: Efficient planning and purchasing keeps your business operational and protected from additional burdens. With the same, you can appropriate stock. Businesses can automate the buying process with IMS and OMS software by setting the required threshold.
  • Streamlined Operational Paradigm: A well-regulated operational framework keeps things in perspective and provides an automated system that does not require human intervention for repetitive tasks. Moreover, it reduces the need for manual data entry and administrative involvement.
  • Prioritizing Orders: Orders are quite different in the case of wholesale business modules. Hence, the need for a different approach is imperative with the same. The software enables businesses to repriortize high-volume orders. With the domino effect of changes, the operational paradigm evolves and delivers the best possible outcomes. Based on inventory and sales data, the automated system offers real-time master planning and offers solutions with a higher efficacy. Software as such establishes a centralized road map that provides a unified front for order fulfillment and manufacturing in collaboration with the sales team. It will make sure that orders are completed as quickly as possible with minimal delay.
  • Maintaining Price: The sales prices are different from retail prices. You can channel the prices of the different products you offer through this software and receive better consumer engagement.

Concluding Remarks

Businesses must have an IMS and OMS to have better experience exploring multiple markets and channels. Wholesale management is different from the retail business module and requires an alternate approach from businesses. Order and inventory management are interrelated and businesses cannot repurpose the former without restructuring the latter. Order Circles is the best platform for getting order management and B2B custom inventory management systems.

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