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Do you want to improve your knowledge of business law? Business law skills can be acquired through training that will facilitate your hiring or your professional development in the legal field. For those who wish to find a job quickly after training in business law, an internship or a work-study program often prove to be relevant choices.

How to develop business law skills?

Business law is a branch of private law that includes rights relating to business affairs: company law, competition law, tax law, intellectual property law, contract law, etc. Only a legal training will allow you to master this skill in a professional context in order to be able to advise or represent clients on a daily basis if you wish to become a lawyer for example.

Business Law Course

What training to do to master business law?

There are several ways to train in business law. First of all, there are courses in business law given by a certain number of training organisations: it is possible to become familiar with business law and to get to know one of its many facets: competition, company law, legal environment of an e-commerce site… The possibilities are vast! You can therefore take one of these legal courses according to your current needs and your professional objectives. The other possibility of gaining skills in business law is to study law at university and specialize in Master 1. This is an essential course if you intend to pursue a career as a lawyer. or corporate lawyer. Finally,

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How to use business law in the professional field?

Professionals working in business law are generally specialized in legal advice and litigation. Reception, assistance and advice to customers occupy an important place in their daily lives. Added to this is the drafting of deeds and formalities (organization of general meetings, business creation, registration, drafting of minutes) as well as constant legal monitoring. The management of a portfolio of companies is frequent, especially when one occupies a position as a lawyer in business law. In addition to the legal skills required to be able to evolve in this field, excellent writing skills, a sense of confidentiality and good interpersonal skills will be additional assets in the eyes of recruiters. Finally,

Business law

In which professions is the Business Law skill used?

Although business law is a sub-branch of law, it encompasses many specialties resulting in a great diversity of positions. The main legal professions requiring a sharp know-how in business law are in particular the profession of lawyer in business law, notary, corporate lawyer , and corporate lawyer. We can also cite the professions of legal representative, wealth manager and financial advisor.

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