Fixed Income Fund

NBI Unconstrained Fixed Income Fund


Investment strategy

Markets are constantly changing and traditional investment strategies may prove ineffective in certain circumstances. Challenge the status quo with the NBI Unconstrained Fixed Income Fund and adopt a strategy where you can invest in all global fixed income securities markets, without being restricted to respecting the investment constraints of a benchmark index .

Differentiating elements

Traditional active fixed income strategies aim to outperform by making some tactical deviations from a specific benchmark, both in terms of sectors and duration, but their leeway is generally limited. limited.

Unconstrained fixed income strategies have more latitude in the selection and allocation of securities, sectors, countries and issuer credit quality, while they are not restricted to replicating an index specific reference.

The duration of the portfolio can also be readjusted with greater amplitude than traditional fixed income strategies.

An unconstrained approach can better respond to market fluctuations. It benefits from greater flexibility to generate positive absolute results and manage risk in constantly changing global markets.

Why invest in this Fund?

Great investment flexibility

Broad latitude to invest in the global universe of fixed income securities without being subject to the constraints of a traditional bond benchmark.

High conviction insights to generate absolute risk-adjusted returns in various market conditions.

Integrated risk management.

Uncorrelated sources of returns

Better diversification, protection against downturns and stabilization of returns by selecting assets with low correlation to traditional assets.

Using derivatives and options strategies can help enhance returns over a long period of time and protect the portfolio.

Additional information


About the management firm

JP Morgan Asset Management is one of the largest asset and wealth managers in the world. As the asset management subsidiary of JPMorgan Chase & Co. (“JPMC”) and its affiliates, JP Morgan Asset Management (“JPMAM”) is one of the largest asset managers for individuals, advisors and institutions. Its investment professionals are located around the world, offering strategies spanning the spectrum of asset classes.

JPMAM, headquartered in New York, has offices in more than 20 countries and its teams operate an extensive network in 15 cities around the world, linked by investment hubs in London, New York, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

JPMC assets under management: US$3 trillion

JPMAM assets under management: US$1.7 trillion, including US$500 billion in fixed income securities

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